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2010 Ody drone noise

I know you may found a lots of post regarding vibration/resonance issue for 05+ Ody when you do some search online but I still want post here and to know if anyone has experienced the same symptom as me.

I just bought a 2010 Ody EXL about one and half month. And recently I found there is a droning noise/resonance when the engine reaches about 2500rpm. You can feel the resonance only at gas pedal/foot well but not any other places like center dash or on the seat. My wife said she felt the resonance from the floor of the second row seat once when we was on Hwy ramp trying to speed up . Its mostly happened only when you maintain the rpm around 2500 while the car is under load, go uphill or on the hwy ramp. Lower or raise the rpm the symptom goes away. I tried to replicate the symptom when the D3 is on, but seems the car is smooth and I cannot feel anything.

The resonance/droning noise came from the underneath instead of the front engine bay, so i don't think its the popular engine mount issue, but not sure if its the A pipe or driving shaft. Or its just the "Normal" Ody thing.

Anyone has experience the similar symptom? Thanks
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