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Recently traded in my 2008 EX-L Lease for a 2011 EX. We could not find a black EX-L anywhere :nothappy:, so I went with bare bones model figuring that I would put on my own aftermarket stuff. However, because it is so new, nobody has any aftermarket information on it. Even sites like Metraonline don't have the parts.

I was thinking about a 7 inch (double din) nav/dvd/BT to a single drop down monitor in back for the kiddos. I will also run a backup camera to the main monitor. I was thinking that I would try to place the double din where it is on the higher end trims and take out the small display that is currently there on the EX model. However, before I do this I want to make sure that this is even possible and so far I cant even find an install kit that fits the dash of the 2011. Is the 2011 dash the same as the '09/'10 dash and can I use a kit intended for those years? Will I have to make a custom Kit? :huh:

Any info would be greatly appreciated. I have tried searching prior threads for my question unsucessfully, so if I have missed it I would appreciate some re-direction. Maybe ya'll have the touring/res trims already and this has never come up?

Regardless, a little help for my lowly soul? Thanks
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