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2011 Ody making noises

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Hello All!

I'm so glad there's this forum, although I didn't think I'd be posting concerns this early. We just purchased our van in July and everything's been fine up until about two weeks ago. With only about 2200 miles on it, we began to hear a high pitch noise while driving. It's sounds just like the screeching noise when your brake are worn out, which is when it first comes on...while I'm stepping on the breaks to slow down. The high pitch noise then continues while I'm accelerating and even when turning corners. It sounds like it's coming from the back tires/brakes but I don't know that this is really where it's coming from. If anyone has any idea where the noise is coming from, why and how to fix please let me know!

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newb - I woul dtake it into your dealer to have them have a look. It is under warranty after all! If I had to guess, it sounds like one of the sliding pins in your calipers needs some lubrication. It is not a fatal condition but can cause premature pad wear and excess heat which can cause caliper warping. Mind you - I am guessing from your limited description of the issue. Just bring it in to have them take a look and potentially avoid a larger problem.

Good luck,
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