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2011 Ody rear speaker loudness dissapointing?

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Has anyone else found the lower trim models (EX-L and lower) to have sub par rear speaker loudness?

The fronts are great... nice and loud however the rears are lacking in loudness. The third row is just abysmal because there are no speakers in the back.

Anyone have suggestions? Amp, new speakers etc.?
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Seems to be a reoccuring theme with Oddys. Last 3 gens have had this problem. Perhaps the first gen had it too.

If I am not mistaken, for the 05 - 10, the rear speakers are by the 3rd row and my kids always ask me to reduce the volume as they're too loud as they're higher up so they seem way too loud even if the volume is fine on the front. May be Honda was trying to fix that complaint by moving them to the 2nd row?
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