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The 8th seat in the 3rd gen was designed more to bridge the gap over the center isle, making a bench seat out of the whole row, rather than being a stand alone seat in and of itself. I only ever used it once, and kept it in the garage when not in use, but it sort of took 10% of the space from each captains chair and provided another 10% to seat 3 people. I personally loved the design because of the very reason that it did not compromise the comfort of the captains chairs at all. I understand that the car was built for kids, and that most buyers have kids, but for those of us who bought Ody's to transport adults, the center armrests are VERY important. I am sort of surprised that Honda didn't do what they did in 05 and provide a model geared toward comfort and luxury, rather than kids. (The Tourings never had an 8th seat until 2008)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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