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Like or Dislike 2011 Odyssey Exterior Looks

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FUGLY 2011 Design

IMHO the 2011 Honda Odyssey is FUGLY!

Nice inside...but fugly outside.

I am into my 4th Odyssey...and I love them all. I had a 1996 Odyssey EX, a 1999 Odyssey LX, and a 2001 Odyssey EX. I currently own a 2005 Odyssey Touring.

The concept minivan leading to the 2011 Odyssey looks awesome...but yet when they translated that into the production version I guess they hired Homer Simpson to get his input. The result? The most hideous minivan ever! The third row look like it was tacked on. The door handles are so ugly. The front looks kind of okay...except for the grill. I think the Pontiac Aztek has a serious competitor now for the world's ugliest car ever made.

I have always loved Hondas...but now if I have to replace my current Odyssey I guess I have to take a serious look at the current Sienna...boring conservative design...but much much better looking than the fugly 2011 Honda Odyssey.
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