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2012 Cargo Cover???

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Hey Everyone,

My wife and I just upgrade from a Nissan Sentra to a brand spanking new 2012 Odyssey EX. We love it for the most part.

The one thing that we miss is the security of having a closed trunk. I know for the older 04 Odysseys Honda sold a cover that attached to the back of the third row of seats. Does anyone know of a similar feature either through Honda or as an aftermarket accessory.

We know it doesn't provide all that much extra security but it is just nice to know if someone looks in the back windows they won't see anything. I can probably make something but hope someone else has already gone through that trouble for me.

Thanks for the help.
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In general, the tint on the rear windows is enough to discourage all but the most persistent from seeing into the back IMHO. I haven't heard of a cargo area cover for the Odyssey myself....
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