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2012 ODY EX OTD price

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Hi - What's a fair OTD price for 2012 ODY EX in the Chicago area?

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I just bought an EX from Ohare Honda.

Sale price was $28,600, but we got back $500 instantly (after taxes imposed) via Honda's March promo deal, plus Honda eats $500 of our first monthly payment. Honda like to say they don't offer rebates, but the above is functionally a $1,000 rebate, making my price functionally $27,600. I'm pretty sure that's about as low as it goes. We used the USAA Insurance vehicle buying assistance program and didn't even have to haggle hard. I just went to the dealer that made the lowest e-mail offer and accepted. I did have to be firm about the no accessories and no extended warranty thing though. The finance guys and trained to make you feel like a lunatic risk taker for turning them down. (IMO extended warranties are for people who don't know a wrench from a socket)

No mandatory accessories, no extended warranty, no trade in. I don't have the paperwork handy, but taxes, title fee and license are what they are anyways.

After I sell one of my other vehicles (not sure which one, make me an offer!) I'll get a tow package, all weather matts and splash guards. Right now I'm flat broke!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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