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I found several threads asking about how to replace a sliding door handle on an LX. I could not find any that actually completed the job. My 10 year old son broke the pot metal/aluminum lever on mine so I took some pictures to help others.

First----remove the handle, upper trim panel, and door panel (don't forget the window button connector). Since there are multiple instructions on that you can read them with me repeating. It is rather easy though.

Then you will be presented with this.........the forward latching mechanism.

Remove the 3 self tapping screws and 1 lag screw with 10mm socket, note locations. The black plastic cover behind the mechanisms comes off with the mechanism. There are 1 or more alignment pins in it.

Then you will be presented with this.........the interior of the handle


Remove the black plastic plug that covers the forward handle screw. Remove the 2 screws holding the handle. Keep the steel backing plates.


Unsnap the white plastic cable retainer and black plastic cable terminal holder.


That aluminum/pot metal cable terminal snaps into the plastic holder. You can pry it out here or wait... The plastic retainer came with the new part "Honda 72640-TK8-A02 Slide Door Handle Assembly, Right, Exterior". Don't break the cable terminal! The black steel forward backing plate is rather difficult to remove. It has 3 alignment pins that you can't see from the inside. There is also a plastic tab at the top of the handle that is easily broken (not a problem if replacing the handle). It must be lifted off the tabs and pushed toward the front of the vehicle to remove. Don't drop it inside the door.

Then you will be presented with this.........the exterior of the handle

Carefully finagle (yes, technical term) the forward part of the handle out. You may need to play with the weighted part of the lever to get it out. Don't scratch your paint. The rearward part hooks into the door. As can be seen, I removed the cable after I got the handle out. That black plastic retainer comes on the new handle.

Then you will be presented with this.........the exterior of the sliding door with no handle (after cleaning).

That completes the removal of the handle. Took me about 30 minutes total for the mechanical work. Dealers charge about 1.5 hours. I also had to replace a factory wrecked green retaining clip as well. I recommend having a few extra of those on hand if you remove any panel....ever. I don't like the aftermarket ones.

Installation is basically in the reverse order. Take the opportunity to clean the inside of the panel with food spilled all over it, and lube the interior parts. Don't put the snap ring back on the interior handle until you are done. You may need to operate the door with it. The replacement part is matte black. I am pretty sure the factory put a clear satin coat on the handles. The texture is clearly different than the OEM one.

Insert the handle by hooking in the rearward portion, then finagle the forward portion and lever into place. There are 3 alignment pins to guide you. Next install the forward black steel backing plate. This was the most difficult part of the job. Then install the rear backing plate and screw.

Orient the black plastic retainer to 3 o'clock. Reattach the cable to the lever by snapping it into the black plastic retainer and locking the retainer onto the cable terminal. Slide the cable into the cable retention slot on the black steel backing plate and snap the white plastic retainer over it.

Reinstall the latching locking mechanisms with the 3 screws and lag screw.
Reattach the door panel (don't forget window control connector).
Reattach the upper door trim.
Snap the interior handle retaining clip onto the handle. The open end should be up toward the long part of the handle. Slide the handle back onto the spline until the snap ring snaps into place.
Test the door for proper operation.
Lube the upper, lower, and rearward bearing as required to get smooth operation.
Teach over-zealous child how to open door with minimal effort instead of full body weight (let me know if you figure out how exactly to do that).

Sit back and enjoy a beverage of your choice knowing you just saved half a day at the stealership and several hundred dollars. Total time (not including write-up) 30-45 minutes. Total cost under $60.

Good luck. Comment if I left out any steps.


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