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I’ve seen a few posts for people hooking up Pi or Roku or Firesticks via the HDMI cable. I’ve also seen discussions in which usb Oort to use for firestick Power so it stay on the same time the DVD player does when switching the car from ON to ACC. So I bought a Firwtick with the OTG cable to add a flash drive to the Firestick. I will power it using the USB inside the center console (I think). I’m trying to decide the best way to hide the Firestick without taking up valuable room in the center console and/or damaging the Firestick when rummaging through the center console.

1. Does anyone know the layout of the inside of the center console so I know if I could drill holes through it to conseal the HDMI cable?
2. Is there an way to intercept the HDMI cable somewhere else so I don’t need to hook up to the external port on the back of the console?
3. Has anyone hooked up and concealed the HDMI cable so it looks clean?

I wish Honda would think about better placement of HDMI and USB ports. On the back of the console the wires get hit or kicked. In the console the plugs stick up and get console contents pressing against them. I just wish the designers would actually try driving the car with kids and stuff in the console so they can see the plugs are in bad locations. I like most things. It the 2019 ergonomic design seems to have moved backwards.
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