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I had mentioned this in a previous thread, but I figured I would start a new one so people searching in the future might be able to find it better with search.
2020 EX-L with 11021 miles. We had no transmission issues before this point.

My wife left for work (back out of driveway, go down a hill ~ .1 miles) Followed by a turn onto a county road (55mph). As she was accelerating onto the highway, the car did not shift (probably into 3rd), engine revved really high and it went bang. She got check engine light, emission system problem warning, transmission system problem warning and drove home as it was acting very badly. I drove it around the street, It struggled going from P to R. I never went fast, but could hear a 'click/tick noise' as I was driving. By now the transmission warning had cleared. I had it towed to the dealer.
They asked a lot of questions about if we lost then gained traction really quickly - but no, roads were clear and dry.

Upon draining the transmission fluid, they found two long metal slivers on the drain plug magnet.

Fast forward, I got the van back yesterday with a new transmission and its driving nicely.
Paperwork states it had the following error codes:
P0756 shift valve b stuck off
P0805 two-way clutch actuator valve stroke
P1715 two-way clutch actuator valve stroke out of spec
They wrote on road test could not get it to reverse, wouldn't go past 2nd, grinding in 3rd.

Replaced transmission, reregistered immobilizer and reset tcm module with hds and performed alignment check..

My paperwork shows $0 for cost, but the transmission with fright and fluid was around $6000. The service advisor said that was warranty cost and was probably significantly cheaper than it would be if it was non-warranty.
Labor was 7.5 hours so $750, although he said that they normally add 15% to the book time for non-warranty work.

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Yep, thank goodness for warranty! Obviously an internal failure, but IMO completely a low % 1 off kind of event. The 10 speeds have been good enough based on owner reports here that there's no reason to expect further trouble.
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