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Just finished a family road trip from NC to PA/NJ/NY/OH and back. Had a wonderful time.

I wish the magic seat was split. I would love to be able to have one half of the seat up and the other half folded flat for the dog or a sleeping child or cargo.

I wish there was an option for a removeable third seating position for the second row. Our family of four visited another family of four and wound up taking two vehicles everywhere.

I wish the B trip odometer read out to four digits so that I could use it to keep track of mileage between oil changes.

I've got to remember to wax the front bumper and the rear view mirrors if nothing else. The amount of buggage they collect is astonishing and difficult to clean.

Around town I notice a difference in driveability between regular and premium gas. I prefer premium.

I used the Thule Excursion 1600 with the Honda crossbars and had no problem. The luggage carrier is a fabulous addition to the Ody for a long trip with passengers. The Excursion holds 16 cubic feet and doesn't interfere with tail gate operation.

With the Honda crossbars the Excursion raises the Ody's height to over 7ft tall.

I wouldn't mind a power rear lift gate.

I wouldn't mind seperate climate controls for driver and front seat passenger.

I wouldn't mind seperate climate controls for each of the rows.

The Ody is a fantastic vehicle for a road trip.


My wife loved being able to store juice boxes in the drawer under the passenger seat in the little drawer. She wishes it was either insulated or actively refrigerated.

I wouldn't mind the Navi, leather, or the Rear Seat Entertainment system. Options are great.

I'd buy another in a heartbeat if I had cash to burn but I've got two kids in pre-school at a price that would curl your hair.

Go Ody!

2001 TW EX - Trans Cooler, Bug Shield, Leather Steering Wheel Cover, Wheel Well Liners, Crossbars, Thule Evolution 1600 Luggage Carrier
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