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3 days ago I purchased my very first Honda, an 06 Odyssey Touring with 72k on the clock. I've come across from an 03 Town & Country Limited AWD. Reason for the change: at 116,000 the T&C was really starting to show wear. I had the characteristic Chrysler 1 to 2 hesitation on up shift that nobody could fix and the front end was endlessly needing attention - shocks, sway bar and tie rod ends etc.....
After a hundred or so miles it is clear that Honda have produced a far superior vehicle than Chrysler. The specs of the Ody and the T&C are very comparable. Both were top of the line model spec with all the usual stuff including DVD/Nav. The T&C had AWD but at a penalty - 11.8mpg around town and 20mpg on the freeway. The Ody is just soooo much better engineered and assembled. I always said that the T&C was a good concept but it lacked finesse and refinement. Outdated engine and transmission being the most apparent.

The Ody just does everything so well and it still feels so tight even at 72K. I didn't know about the PAX issue until after I purchased it but I negotiated new tires all round as part of the deal so I'm good with Pax for a while. I don't think the Chrysler dealer I got the Ody from was aware of the PAX costs as I'm sure he wouldn't have done the deal - I think their out about $1300 so far. Safe to say that after this set of PAX tires wears out I'm going to make the switch to regular tires.

Funny thing, my Ody is a one owner and they traded it in for a new 2011 T&C. Apparently the Honda salesman that original sold them the Ody had moved to the Chrysler dealership so they followed him. Had nothing to do with the quality of the product.

I've already used the resources of this forum by finding out about PAX and info on tranny drain and refiills. So thanks to all :D.


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