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39105-SHJ-A31RU Replacement Knob

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Looking for this part number, it is the ON/OFF Rear CTRL knob as pictured. From a 2007.

We had to borrow my in-laws old Oddssey for a couple weeks due to our van being totaled. While we had it, this knob broke. I did my best to glue it back together, and it works, but barely stays on there. I'd like to find a replacement, but seems to have been discontinued. Hoping someone here would know where to find one, or happen to have one. Maybe a different part number that would work?


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Niche parts like this are likely only going to be found on eBay or a junkyard. Or you could potentially find a whole used radio that would have it on there.
The solid black knob is what the non-RES models like mine have in the center for the "push sound" button. RES models have the push sound button together with the tuning knob on the right.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts