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1.) 6 Oil filters: Honda genuine filter. Part # 15400-PLM-AO2 New still in wrapper. $20 for all six. HandA wants $29.12

2.)6 Oil drain plug washers. Honda part #. Not sure But they are genuine Honda washers. Free with entire purchase.

3.) Air cleaner filter (Engine filter): Honda part# 17220-RGW-A00 Genuine Honda filter new still in wrapper. $15

4.) Cabin Filter: 80290-SOX-A01 Genuine Honda filter new still in wrapper. $20 HandA wants $28.03

I purchased these from HandA parts, for those not familiar this is an online discount parts store for Honda, Acura and Toyota.

$55 for everything plus shipping from 30189 (Atlanta area)

Here is a link to HandA site for the oil filters, washers and cabin filter: Buy Honda Odyssey Accessories - Maintenance Items

Here is a link to the engine filter: 17220-RGW-A00 - Honda ELEMENT ASSY., AIR CLEANER

Pictures to follow. Thanks.
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