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740 code 80 miles after the rebuild

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I just picked up our Odyssey from the local Cottman shop last week. My wife drove it locally for a few days, then today I drove it a lot.

The shifting leaves a lot to be desired. The 1st to 2nd shift is extremely firm and is delayed unless you very gently press the gas. Otherwise, it's shifting around 3-4k RPMs with nothing more than a 1/4 throttle. All other shifts are fine. 1st to 2nd is horrible.

To top it all off the CEL and TCS light came on. I just got home and scanned it and it's a 740 code. There's also a serious lag when you change gears from reverse to drive or vise versa.

Does this thing have to be rebuilt again? I'm taking it back to Cottman in the morning. Seems this $2,100 is gonna cost them more because I'm not accepting it as-is. Makes me wonder if they didn't know what they were doing when they rebuilt it.
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Sounds like they may not have replaced the solenoids when they rebuilt it. Also have them install a transmission cooler while you are at it.
Yes, based on what I'm reading it sounds like you're right. I'll be questioning them about that this evening when I drop it off.

It seems to do it much worse when it's hot too.
It shouldn't get hot, thats a honda design failure. Add in a transmission cooler to prevent super heat. Make sure its a 20,000 cooler.
Well, I took it back and they confirmed that a solenoid had to be replaced. They did so and it's been fine ever since. I've racked up 500 miles since I picked it up and it's shifting great and there's no more code 740 (although I do have other codes, no trans related, that I'm trying to resolve).

Thanks again for the tips.
Sounds good, I feel that you should still have a transmission cooler added for a longer transmission life.
Yes, I agree. How big of one do you suggest? What have others been using?
Search around, tons of posts on tranny coolers. As you can see from my sig I have a Tru-cool. I like how it uses more of the cooler as the oil temp gets higher.
So, I've had the van back to the shop three times now...all for the same thing...the code 740 and the TCS light.

The last time they claimed I had a faulty linear selenoid. Not sure what it does (haven't Googled it yet). I picked it up and 8 miles from the shop both lights came on again....I scanned it and it was the 740 again. So, I took it back and they still have it. They're claiming it's an issue with the ABS system and due to that, it's triggering the TCS light, which then triggers the 740.

However, sometimes I'll get just the 740 without the TCS light. So far I've done 950 miles (one day alone was 400 miles and had no issues that day). It seems to act up only in town.

Plus, the shift between 1st and 2nd is delayed and very firm. I'm not sure if that's typical in these vans. Otherwise, it shifts well.

Anyone got any thoughts on this perpetual issue? Maybe I can help point them in the right direction since they seem to be stumped.
Usually these are replaced as well in a transmission replacement:
– Lock-up control solenoid valve assembly (lock-up control solenoid valve/shift control solenoid valve A assembly)
– A/T clutch pressure control solenoid valve A/B assembly

Also check the line pressure for serviceable limits.

Did they flush the ATF cooler lines, fittings and hoses prior to installing the new transmission? You want all the debris out first.
+1 for the cooler. 16,000# capacity should do it, with a thermal bypass so it doesn't overcool in the winter.

What kind of transmission fluid did they use?
I'm not sure what kind of fluid they used. I'll inquire tomorrow.

It's back in the shop again...TCS light and code 740 came back. They thought they had resolved it by cleaning the wheel speed sensor pickup magnets. Apparently they were full of crude and were triggering the TCS light, then which would trigger the 740. Logically it made sense, but it wasn't it since it's still acting up. It shifts fine, just has this pesky code.

After I get it back one of the things I'll be doing is a tranny cooler. I have a list of a few things to do and a tranny cooler is top on it.
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