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Has anyone used an 8 inch sub in there van?

My plan is to redo the sound system with using the JBL MS8 as the brains off the OEM head unit, run it to 2 ADS (PQ10s) amps to the Pioneer TS-C720PRS components up front, the existing rear speakers for now, and through a JL 500/1 to an 8 inch sub. My thought was to put it in a small 0.25 box sitting under the back side of the fold down tray facing forward. I was thinking of JBL GTO804 or the Alpine type R 8 inch. Is this going to make a difference in my base or is a minivan too big of a space to fill with the 8 inch? I am going for sound quality over mega base.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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