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95-98 Odyssey - New Upper Control Arms, Ball Joints, Tie Rods etc.

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95-98 Honda Odyssey / 95-98 Oasis Suspension.
Selling these. Bought these as backups incase I had any issues installing the first set (so no wait time). Went fairly easy so I don't need these. Everything is brand new, unused.

2x Upper Control Arms w/ Ball Joints
2x Lower Ball Joints
2x Inner Tie Rods
2x Outer Tie Rods w/ Ball Joints
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I just may need those. I'll let you know after my meeting with kernel and he tells me exactly what I need....
possibly pending sale.
ok no worries, I had to get them done right away so I had to go local.
SOLD! Close this threadup
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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