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Well, our 1995 Honda Odyssey made it to 200,000 last week...sorry, I didn't take a picture.

I guess it making it isn't really very surprising - I took an hour to go thru our reciepts for service over the past 16 years - looks like we spent right around $4,200 for routine and non-routine maintenance. With the exception of mounting and balancing the tires, I've done all the work

about 800 for two complete timing belts kits
about 1100 on 3 sets of tires
1100 on roughly 60 oil changes
500 or so on trans fluid drains
200 on drive axel boots
Windshield wiper blades, brakes, shocks, coolant flushes, plugs, wires, mount and other little stuff

There are two items that have needed fixing for a long time that we've just "glossed" over. The drivers side armrest has been broken for at least 8 years...not a big deal, and will most likely never fix it. The sunroof is starting to get stuck as we try to close it---I'm very tempted to see if there is a fuse I can pull to keep it closed. Other than that, and a few dings and dents, the van is near perfect.

Over the years I've noticed I get around 22mgh city, 28hwy, and on a few occasions, I have gotten over 30mpg hwy.

Our son learned to drive on it, and took it to college in Boston. He drove it for 4 years, and just returned it to us, now his little sister is learning to drive on it. We've taken this car camping, I've taken it on long road trips, and slept in it, we strapped everything including the kitchen sink to the top of it, and it's helped move so many friends and relatives, I've lost track.

In it's present condition, I'm confident it can at very least make another 60-80k. Will never sell it, and will likely repair it if any major engine or trans issues crop up.


24,000 purchase price
4,200 maint (incluse routine and non routine)
4,800 insurance
18,000 gas (8000 gallons at roughly 2.25/gal)
$51,000 total = roughly .26/mile for everything.

Now the not so rosy side of it.

In 2002, we bought a new odyssey thinking since the 95 was so reliable, the 02 would also be. 1st trans was replaced at 38k, second at 64k, we sold it after the second trans. We didn't have to pay for the repairs, but it was a major hassle having to get it fixed. In general, the 02 was no where near the quality of the 95.
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