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Bought van in 2000 with 25k, dealer replaced trans at a little over 30k. Reman trans from H&A who do the dealer remans.

MDWA 1998 Ody, approx 140k miles.


Flaring when cold on 1-2 shift.
Whine all the time.
Shudder on 1-2 shift when warm.
Wouldn't hold slight grades in reverse.


4th gear clutch pack missing a bunch of clutch material on one side of 1 friction plate
4th gear other frictions almost worn out.
4 gear clutch drum had 4 1.9mm steels vs factory 2.3mm steels and thinner frictions to achive the same pack hieght. Could be a shortcut, or it could be that they found this combo works better??
2nd gear frictions worn out.
Very clean inside, filters all clean except for 1 in the valve body.
thrust bearing between 2nd and case had come apart.
All needles were retained, but thrust surface on 2nd gear was chewed up, along with the bearing it mates to in the case.

Hard parts:
2nd gear
2nd gear thrust bearing
case bearing for secondary shaft
selective part (washer for setting end play on 2nd gear).
transtar recon torque converter
new diff bearings.

Soft parts: Transtar rebuild kit from ctpowertrain CT POWERTRAIN PRODUCTS Home Page

Tools used:
1/4,3/8 and 1/2 drive torque wrenches
10,12,14mm sockets/wrenches
34mm socket
Shop press
HELM manual for 1998 odyssey from Service Manuals, Owner Manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Service Bulletins - Helm Incorporated

I've done a ton of 5 speed L3's and S20's, have also rebuilt T350,T400 and 700r4's.
This is my first Honda automatic. Way simpler than it looks, helm manual shows all the details. Valve body was simple, 3 check valve balls, 2 are captured, and there's a check valve piston. There are also 2 filters inside the valve body, those had buildup in them. All my solenoid screens were clean, filter had some crud in it, but everything was nice inside except 2nd gear thrust bearing, which had all the needles laying in it when I pulled it apart. Magnet was very clean too.

It's mostly back together tonight, need to set end thrust on new second, part came into the dealer today. Selective part, had the thinnest one, went .004 up to bring thrust in spec.

Here's a video of the walk through I did tonight. If you have the capability to pull the trans, you can rebuild it.

YouTube - honda odyssey automatic rebuild
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