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My third 1st Gen Ody has a weak tranny. Bought it in Denver, and yes, with a trailer hitch, what was I thinking? But, I've put 30K trouble free miles on it in 3 years and its now pushing 220K. And did I mention, zero rust? The tranny slips quite a bit in 1st and 2nd gears at cold start when the temp is below 20ºF. Once things get warmed up, it seems to work fine. And, its accelerator linkage seems to be a bit sticky when cold.

Looks like a pretty simple job to replace it. Found some JDM replacements online for about $400-600. Used, with 40-60K miles. Has anybody used one of these?

And, will an Accord tranny work? Specifically: 98-02 Accord 2.3L JDM F23A

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