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This started a few days ago. '99 Ody 224,000 miles

Idle was just a bit rough. More like a mild knocking with a random frequency. Drove to the supermarket, parked and shopped (maybe 20 minutes). Started up. Proceeded down the road then suddenly no response from gas pedal. No matter how far I pushed the gas pedal, rpm would not go over 2000 rpm. Limped along at about 20 mph and pulled into median. Put in Park and let it idle a bit, then tested by revving engine. It would consistently rev up to 3000 to 4000 rpm, so I proceeded home with no problem Code thrown was P0131 Low O2 sensor (upstream) voltage

The next day the same series of events happened again in much the same way along with code P0131. So it seems that it won't do this on the first trip of the day. Only after a few short trips. I haven't immediately assumed the O2 sensor is bad thinking that a stalling engine could cause this code because the alternator just isn't putting out enough volts. Is this correct logic? However, this P0131 code has been showing up randomly every few months or so for the past year. Now it is showing up almost daily. I think the O2 sensor was last replaced around 100,000 miles (with a Bosch, I think). I have Denso O2 sensor on order but was wondering if there is something else I should be looking at.

Some other things I have done in the past year:

- checked IAC valve, it seemed be turning OK.
- replaced O-ring under MAP sensor, it was old and cracked causing air leak and rough idle.
- I think I last cleaned the EGR ports at around 180,000 miles

Thanks for your input,

Todd K.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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