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2011 Odyssey LX, 120k miles
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I think my 3rd transmission is about to fail.
Background info:
'99 EX
owned and carefully self-maintained since new
178k miles on the car
90k miles on this A/T (replacements at 64k and 88k were under warranty)
No CEL or flashing D light. No OBDII codes.
ATF has been kept clean (5-10k mile change intervals), most recently a few hundred miles ago - red fluid out, normal debris on drain plug.
Honda A/T cooler installed at 141k miles.
Magnefine filter installed at 152k miles, changed at 169k.
All solenoid filters checked and cleaned at 169k miles.
ATF level checks OK.
No leaks.
No towing.

first noticed flare on 1-2 shift in freezing weather ~2 weeks ago.
Slow, clunky shifting when cold.
Whirring/whining noise coming from AT, even when car is stopped, in P,R,N,D, etc.
Problems generally go away after warm up. Problems are less noticeable in warmer weather (SF - 50-60 degrees).

Detailed symptoms:
- following engine start when cold engine in cold weather (near freezing), whirring/whining noise that seems to be coming from AT - lasts for ~5 seconds, goes away completely for ~5 seconds, then returns and stays, gradually fading as the car warms up. If I stop the engine (e.g., after 20 seconds), then start it again, the noise remains, but this time it does not go away for 5 seconds. Noise is related to engine rpm, and can also be heard while driving. Present in all shift-lever positions.

- in warmer weather (~50 degrees), starting cold, the noise lasts for about 3 seconds, then goes away for 3 seconds, then stays. (i.e., same as the cold weather, except it's 3 seconds instead of 5). After driven and cooled down for a few hours, 3 seconds ==> 1 second. In this warmer climate, ~1 second delay when shifting P-R, R-N, etc., with some clunks.

- flare on 1-2 shift when cold. Possibly slow shifts on others as well. Always gets there eventually.

- late shifting - in driveway, foot on brake, shifting from P-R, R-N, N-R, N-D, D-N, etc. it can take up to about 5 seconds to complete the shift. I can tell based on the engine rotation w.r.t. the body. Sometimes when shifting to D, it is as if it tries, and fails a couple of times before going in. I notice this also when driving. If mistakenly don't wait a few seconds before moving in R or D, sometimes there is a clunk when it engages a second or so later.

- When doing the late-shifting test in the driveway, I noticed the rear-most throttle cable pulsing.

- solenoids test OK in both warm and cold weather (resistance OK, clicks OK). Tested all but the B solenoid (next to C, behind the starter).

- gas mileage just fine. Just fine on freeway, and when warmed up.

- all stall speed checks OK

So ... any chance something can be done without just changing the A/T? It seems that the whirring/whining noise means there's a problem with the ATF pump or the torque converter, right?

Any ideas on the cold factor? - that things are worst in cold weather, and not too bad once warmed up.

Any guesses on how long I can drive this before it strands me?

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Try the search feature. Everyone here is burnt out on answering the same tranny questions. How long it will last is a crap shoot. Try the sticky for the solenoids but it sounds like it's days are numbered. I would guess cold weather is worse because of thicker oil and clutch packs being cold/shrunken. When heated they probably expand a bit.
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