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2002 Ody. Owned since new, just cresting 200k miles!
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BIL just got sidetracked in State College PA when his 99 Ody blew the tranny fluid out through the dipstick on I80.
Got towed to an Aamco and they say they have to take the tranny out and rebuild it to find the problem.

He doesn't want to go that route and is unsure of using Aamco in general (shop says they do about 1 Odyssey tranny per month).

Any recommendations for a reliable Ody mechanic in State College?

Thoughts on why the fluid would blow out the dipstick?

Recommedations on what to do? Van has 200k on it and may not be worth $3-$4k in repairs.

Any thoughts on getting it 300 miles back home to CT?

Thanks for any suggestions,
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