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At 130K, the a/c compressor is now making a grinding noise ONLY when the a/c button is on (it's silent when button is off) which probably means compressor berings are toast. It also doesn't blow cold now. I would expect these comps to last alot longer (at least they do on Dodges). Anyway, fall is aproaching so I won't really need the a/c til next May or June.
The questions for a/c experts are:
A) Would the rest of the a/c components get ruined if I just waited til spring to fix the compressor and recharge it then?? (always running the van with a/c button off)
B)Are all the components contaminated now anyway so it really doesn't matter?
C) Or should I get it fixed now while compressor is a fresh kill, (thinking maybe I can get away with only replacing the comp)?
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