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We lost a/c during a heat wave in July, the fault traced to a tiny hole in the condenser (dealer flushed and refilled a/c with a colorant - 139$ - as they could not find the leak at first).

For those who don't know (as I did), if the HVAC starts making Darth-Vaderish breathing sounds, it means you're losing refrigerant.

The dealership was asking nearly 670$ for a jobber condenser with a 1 year warranty (they did not even offer an oem part). A first for me : I went to a specialized independant garage and had the same locally-made jobber part installed for 200$ less.

So for anyone around greater Montreal needing a new condenser, about 469$ covers the job, taxes included. The shop is "Radiateurs ML" in St-Hubert.
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