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a/c fan does not turn off

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Hi Folks,
New user here. I found this forum while researching why my a/c on 1999 Odyssey was only running on high speed. I found the fix to replace the thermal cutoff inside the transistor asembly elsewhere on the forum. Worked great...for a couple of days. The air was colder than before the thermal resistor blew. Last night my wife told me that the fan will not change speed. Sure enough, it's only running on hi no matter what the position of the fan spped dial or temperature setting. The air is cool but not cold like it was.

Do I need to replace the whole transisitor assembly? The thermal cutoff that I installed gives low resitance instead of the complete resistance for the one that I replaced. Any other suggestions?

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FWIW, you need a new transistor and a blower motor. I have found the blower motor windings can wear and get tight with age. This causes excess current in the system and melts the transistor.
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