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wow that is pricey.

Is the compressor clutch and coil at least new? Shops in my neck of the woods often use remaned parts but they also charge a lot less than $980.

More in the realm of $650 ish is what I think is reasonable.
You might be better off replacing the entire compressor with a complete remaned unit for that price b/c your van is already 6+ years old and since you're in Florida where the temps and humidity are quite extreme 8 out of the 12 months in the year that your compressor could very well be on its way out too. I think they do need to remove the compressor out of the van to replace the clutch and coil assembly so why bother with that when you can buy a remanufactured unit and drop it in. You could also do the work yourself permitted you get a shop to properly discharge the system and work quickly to pull the part out. Shrader valve replacement is easy and you can do it yourself once there is NO refrigerant in the system. All you'll have to do after you've replaced the parts is to take it back to the shop to have it properly
evacuated and re-charged.

If you do decide to do it yourself (relatively easy I think on the van) that you also replace the dryer assembly. Shouldn't be too pricey but at least then you know your repaired system is "dry" so it cools properly. Moisture in an A/C system is bad and leads to future failures.

I have no personal experiences with failing Honda factory issued compressors but from what I've read it seems that the Odyssey compressors live a relatively short life compared to other vehicles.

Just a thought to consider.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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