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Brought my 2006 LX in to dealer b/c A/C not blowing cold air. I have hondacare. So, they had to put in the dye and recharge the system to see where the leak is coming from; makes sense.

Conclusion from dealer is that there is a very slow leak "somewhere" but they are not able to pinpoint it. Therefore I am responsible for the $189 fee to diagnose/put in the dye, etc..

They said that the only way hondacare covers the AC failure is if they can pinpoint the cause of the leak. So given that they can't pinpoint the "point of failure", my hondacare will not cover the fix. They told me to bring the car back in a few weeks and if they can find the dye somewhere then they can decide whether honda will cover it or not depending on what exactly the point of failure is, example, if it is a rock that hit it, it won't be covered.

Seems pretty bogus of honda to operate this way. Any thoughts?
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