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A Local Ody-Guy Dealer

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I stopped at my dealer today to ask about new headlights, rearview mirrors, etc., and expected nothing. I was extremely surprised to find a young man in the Parts Department who was not only knowledgeable but enthusiastic about modifications to the Ody. He's a God-send to people like me who read everything on odyclub but don't want to mess with performing the work themselves.
What a pleasant experience: and I don't think it's that prohibitively costly either.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by MerpsMom:
I stopped at my dealer today to ask about new headlights, rearview mirrors, etc.</font>
Did Honda introduce new "headlights" and "rearview mirrors" ??

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Don't I wish! Sorry, what I meant was that I was trying to see if they'd install anything I brought them. Actually, they'd make life a whole lot easier if they offered some options from which to choose--like the ECT Donnellye mirror, better stereo, etc.---when you bought the car. And wouldn't they make a few dollars as well?? Go figure.

Anyhoo, this young man is a breath of fresh air, so we'll see what he can do.
How odd, to find someone working somewhere, who knows something about the job. Are you sure he was not impersonating an employee?

Jerry O.

2001 Odyssey GG LX
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