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A loud thud upon starting the engine.

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When I started the engine this morning (temperature was about +8C), the engine revved up significantly more then usual, then in a second or so there was kind of a thud somewhere inside, and revs gradually went down to normal.

I found a very exact description of the noise I heard in some earlier posting:

"The noise is sort of like a loud thud, like those you get when you park your car on a hill, shift into park (before applying the parking brake) and trying to shift out of park afterwards"

What is that?
Is that something to pay attention to?
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Was your A/C switch on before you started it? The Ody's a/c makes a similar sound when it's switched on.Nothing to worry about.

'01 GG LX "Lagreat"(with stuff,just S-T-U-F-F)
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This could be clear out in left field, but could it possibly be the vacuum operated engine mount? This is solenoid actuated, but that's all I can find out about it. Why did they have to complicate something as simple as an engine mount?

I had a similar occurrence, started the car in the evening(hadn't been started all day) didn't really notice the high rev. but there was a thump sound, very similar to the gas thumping previously mentioned. I can't imagine what the sound could have been since the van was still parked. the sound wasn't very loud and seems as if it came from the rear. Any thoughts?
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