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a malfunctioning radiator fan control module?

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I have a 1995 odyssey with an f22b engine. Every time I parked the car at the garage, I have noticed burned coolant smell. The gauge registers normal engine temp. I noticed that the upper radiator hose on the engine end swells and leaks so I had it replaced including the radiator cap. I also replaced the thermostat. I am positive I have purged the coolant of air by bleeding it but still the new rad hose swells. Since I have a 1995 accord with the same engine I swapped the thermoswitch sensors but still the problem persists. I experimented by starting both cars on the same time and I noticed that the accord’s radiator fan comes on earlier and more frequently than the odyssey’s. Was it a valid comparison? A friend suggested that it could be the radiator fan control module. Would the two cars have the same radiator fan control module so I could try and swap? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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