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....Or, in case you can't find that new "THUMP" noise you're getting after installing your nice, new shocks....:(

I chased this for a couple of weeks-finally ended up pulling my right rear shock, putting the old one back on and getting ready to ship back to rockauto for exchange.

The OLD shock made the same "thump-thump" noise....WTF!?! it didn't do this before!?!

What I discovered was that, removing the rusty upper shock mounting bolt with an impact gun, the rust buildup had partly stripped the threads on the welded nut insert on the body!!:( There were enough there to allow me to torque to spec when I first installed the shocks, but a couple days' use on BUMPY roads had caused the bolt to loosen and start to back out.

My solution? Get a new 12mmx1.25mm pitchx65mm length bolt, an appropriate nut and lock washer. Run the bolt right through, and install the lock washer and nut from behind the threaded insert, then tighten down. "NOTE" you will have to start threading the nut on the inner end of the bolt before it is fully seated, as the space in there is tight.

VOILA, no more "clunk.":) YAY!!!!

Hope this helps somebody.

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