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AAA or Costco Auto Purchasing Service

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Has anyone had any experience purchasing a new vehicle through AAA or Costco Auto Purchasing Service? I need feedbacks to evaluate any financial gains. Thanks.

I'll be buying a new car soon for my daily work commute. I've narrowed my choice to either an '02 Toyota Corolla S Auto or '02 Honda Civic LX Sedan Auto. With the options that I want, the Corolla would cost $15,248 MSRP (includes $455 dest. charge) and the Civic would cost $16,600 MSRP (includes $440 dest. charge). What would be a realistic asking price to close the deal?
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I have used the COSTCO services in the past and liked it. It is hassle free and there is practically no haggling !!

However, I will not use it again as Costco does not help set the price. You probably get a worse deal than what you would get from a fleet sales.

For my last car, I researched using CarsDirect {that way, the dealers do not have your e-mail address to continue to send their "offers"} using multiple Zip codes.

That helped me get a ballpark figure from where to start from. Additionally, check for dealer incentives, rebates etc., and factor it in your price. {use, and newspaper sites} Also check the forums and car clubs for prices paid.

I dealt with the Internet Sales Department of the dealership and found them to be more reasonable than some of the local sales reps.

Lastly, be prepared to negotiate. If you cannot deal on the price, ask for cheap options as dealmakers.

Hope this helps.
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