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AAA or Costco Auto Purchasing Service

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Has anyone had any experience purchasing a new vehicle through AAA or Costco Auto Purchasing Service? I need feedbacks to evaluate any financial gains. Thanks.

I'll be buying a new car soon for my daily work commute. I've narrowed my choice to either an '02 Toyota Corolla S Auto or '02 Honda Civic LX Sedan Auto. With the options that I want, the Corolla would cost $15,248 MSRP (includes $455 dest. charge) and the Civic would cost $16,600 MSRP (includes $440 dest. charge). What would be a realistic asking price to close the deal?
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If you're going Toyota, have you checked out the Echo, cheaper than the Corolla with more interior size, great gas mileage, and nice handling--with some pep. Plus it has a definite weirdness factor.

Even though I love my Civic, the Echo is definitely on my list for my possible next commuter car.

Check out this amusing and informative review from click and clack of Cartalk fame:
BTW, what is the AAA car purchasing service?

I'm a member and I checked out their web page and couldn't find anything about a car purchasing service.

Re internet car purchasing I tried Autobytel while I'm waiting for my Ody at a local dealer. I got an email from another local dealer about a "special internet" offer. Their special offer? MSRP and a 6 month wait. (I'm already in month two of my wait with the first dealer.) I emailed back and asked if their special offer was a joke. No response to that--so far.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by malakilaki:
Just got home from the Barry Manilow concert and I had a chat with a Toyota Prius owner before the show I'll be at the L.A. Auto Show tomorrow and will be inquiring about the Prius. It sounds like a good choice.</font>
True, but Honda will be bringing to market, I believe for the 2003 model year, a Civic hybrid.
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