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AAA or Costco Auto Purchasing Service

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Has anyone had any experience purchasing a new vehicle through AAA or Costco Auto Purchasing Service? I need feedbacks to evaluate any financial gains. Thanks.

I'll be buying a new car soon for my daily work commute. I've narrowed my choice to either an '02 Toyota Corolla S Auto or '02 Honda Civic LX Sedan Auto. With the options that I want, the Corolla would cost $15,248 MSRP (includes $455 dest. charge) and the Civic would cost $16,600 MSRP (includes $440 dest. charge). What would be a realistic asking price to close the deal?
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The worst trap to fall into when buying a new car is to start at the MSRP. That's exactly what the sales people want you to do. Instead, start at the dealer invoice price and work up. They should be able to make some profit, so allow maybe 2-1/2% to 3% markup, and try to pay that amount.

You can find the dealer invoice prices on the Internet through sites like and

A very good way to get a good price on a new car is to use Autobytel ( You enter the details of what you want in their Web site. They have a dealership in your area that you will be referred to. That dealership will contact you with their best price. We arranged our last two Hondas through them and had no complaints.

Good luck.


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I thought that only Ford played tricks with model years by coming out with 2003s barely into January 2002. What is with these marketing departments?!?
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