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I just purchased 2019 Ody Elite trim. I saw on youtube that there is way to "hack" front screen to enable browser app to play youtube video even when driving on new Honda Ridgeline/Accord.


Since 2018+ Odyssey basically using the similar Infotainment system. I am wondering if my Ody can do the same thing.

The screen is a little different than the Ridgeline. But I figured out you can press

1. HOME + Brightness + VOL tegather about 5 seconds to enter Self-diag mode
2. Press detail information & Setting
3. Press Brightness for about 5 seconds to enter "Developer Diagnostics" mode as the pic showing.

3. Go to Driver Distraction and OFF the setting.

Technically, as the youtube video says, Ridgeline/Accord will have the access to Browser app while driving.

However, I cannot find the Browser App in the odyssey system. (in the app list, there is no Browser app you can click to show on the screen )

I then go to the Setting - System - Advance System - App notification. in the list. there is an app name Browser which you can see and you can set the notificaiton permission whatsoever.

It means the Ody does have the Browser App in the system, it just cannot show on the screen (app list) for some reason.

I stopped here without any clue to active the hidden Browser.

Is there anybody ever doing this before? Any idea that what can I do next?

Thank you for your reading.


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It can’t be done......although you’d think that they are similar systems because they have a similar’d be wrong. You CAN disable driver’ll pop right back on when vehicle is restarted......the rest doesn’t apply. You could even pair a BT keyboard.....but it won’t do a thing for you.

The only way to do what you’re looking to do, is to root/jailbreak whatever device you use. Then you can do it.
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