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Good morning Ody Club,

We are about to buy an Odyssey for our growing family. We're opting for the 2011 EX-L. I'm getting it for $2500 below market value, and it is pretty clean. Couple of small rust spots on the hood that I can buff out. It's got about 152K on it, so definitely going to be replacing the timing belt and everything else. Unfortunately has the VCM, so I'll need a muzzler to go with it eventually. It is polished metal metallic, so it'll match the 8th gen Accord which got too small with the three kids.

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For some reason, the PMM on the Odyssey has a more brownish/purplish tint, while the Accord's PMM has a bluish tint, and it's not due to the lighting in both pics. My wife and I both noticed this when we check out the van and had them next to each other, but it was dusk when we looked at the van, so that could be it.
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