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ac clutch not engaging

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We have an '06 Ody and the other day noticed the ac engaging and disengaging as normal._ Then my wife calls me the next day while I am at work and says the ac is only blowing warm air._ So I check the ac level with a kit from O'Rielly and according to the chart on the can with the Ambient Temp at 90* then the gauge should read 45*-55*._ Well the gauge was reading 150* (way into the red zone on the gauge)._ I tried to add coolant but the system didn't seem to be taking any._ Then I noticed that the clutch face on the ac compressor was not engaging at all._ The care had been running for about 20 min at this time and it never engaged._ So I then tried tapping the middle of the clutch plate to see it that would get it to engage but to no avail (I had tried this on my truck and it worked)._ I then checked the fuses in the box inside the engine comp. but didn't find any blown fuses._ I released some refridgerant from the low side connection and then but the gauge back on and the reading was then showing at 45* for a few secs but then began to build pressure back up to 65*._ If I removed the refridgerant from the system, shouldn't the system be showing it to be low?_ It seems maybe there is a clog in the system somewhere and it is not allowing it to flow maybe?_ Am confuse and agitated since it is going to be in the high 90's this week (not including the Heat Index) and the misses isn't happy._ And so you all now that if she isn't happy, then no one is happy._ I appreciate any and all suggestions/ideas that might allow me to fix myself before having to go the the mechanic._ Have a great day.
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There was just another thread on A/C blowing warm posted. If the clutch is not engaging AND you have an adequate charge (145 psi on the low side without the AC running sounds to be in the ballpark), then there is something wrong in the compressor clutch circuit.
(1) STOP adding refrigerant! if you add too much you'll harm your compressor

(2) sounds like a common problem. I just went through this. you can follow these posts and test to determine if you clutch coil is done. then find a local shop to replace the coil only (if that is what the problem is). hope this helps!
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