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Here's my opinions on each of the options I purchased (all on-line):

Mud flaps - must have, easy installation, took about 20 minutes. They look sharp! You need a stubby phillips and offset phillips to complete the install.

Fender trim - looks really sharp, especially with the mud flaps. Took about an hour to install. Trying to get the rubber molding back over the trim is a challenge. Well worth it.

Cargo tray - must have, 10 second installation! Should be standard.

Cargo mat - nice to have, minimal installation time, install it with the rear seat stowed, then open the seat and the mat folds up under the seat! The only disadvantage in doing that is that you can't easily store stuff under that seat. If you don't stow the mat on-board, you may need to haul something when you are away from home, and then you won't have it available!

Wheel Locks - 15 min installation. Well worth the $10 deal at Don't forget to keep the key in the vehicle or you could get yourself in a heap 'o trouble!

Gold Emblem Kit - must have (for me), much easier to install than I thought after reading the instructions. It took about 45 minutes. The two rear emblems come off easily (who whould have thought that string would work so easily). The only trick is making sure the "Odyssey" emblem is put on straight. There are no anchor pins on that one. The front grill comes off quite easily. I always thought the gold kits look sharp, and it looks great on the Ody! Well worth it.

Leather steering wheel cover - must have, makes the wheel feel much better. Took about an hour.

Litter chute - nice to have, attaches to back of the front seat, better looking than other trash holders.

Glove box organizer - nice to have, keeps all the books, tire gauge & records all toghether. Can you believe the size of the manual?

Trunk organizer - nice to have, holds flashlight, wheel key (remember that?), and an amazing list of other things. I could not believe that my jumper cables actually fit in it as well.

In-dash cell phone bracket - this is a must have and the only item that is not an official Honda accessory. I got it from See my post in "New Members" for more details.
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