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Adding height adjustment to 2000 LX driver seat

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I want to add the manual height adjustment to my 2000 LX that is now standard on the 2001, and I contacted Trevor from HandA Accessories and found out the cost is just over $52 for parts. He stated that the seat pad fabric would have to be changed over to the new seat pad/base. Does anyone have any experience with removing the seat pad fabric? If so, how difficult is it?
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once you pull the seat assembly from the van you will see that the cover is held on by either metal hog rings or a plastic "j" channel along the perimeter of the cover. you can use a pair of pliers to release the hog rings but, you may have to replace them when you install the new cover. the plastic "j" moulding is just a friction fit and will release with a little help.
a quick tip is to spray the seat foam with a silicone spray to allow the new cover to slide right on without too much fuss.
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