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I bought the WingsWest package last December when they were the only ones available, Well check , cus he has both Value Sports and Wald aero packages for sale. America we are not limited to one product anymore,
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True. I really dig the Wald Kit. But you're looking at 2 grand (after $500 shipping etc. from Japan) for something that still needs to pe painted. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'd buy it anyway (because I'm so fast and furious. That's why I bought a minivan.) but Murphy tells me the week I glue that kit on is the week I park too close to the curbstone, run over a trash can, and "high center" the rocker panel. I don't mind replacing parts but I do mind going to Japan for some hunks of poly-U that could be made or at least warehoused right here in USA. Let's hope it happens soon.

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Kiyoshi Motorsports is in Fresno Ca. and is selling the Wald set for $1400
the wald kit looks good. i wish i had the money.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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