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I think you should easily be able to do it for around $500.00 (plus installation)

This is what I did for my 2001 EX-N:

Jensen 6.8 inch flip down monitor/tv $272.00 at;
fm modulator $30.00;
sony 12 volt mobile vcp $108 from;
Add-a-circuit $5.00 trak auto;
amplified tv antenna $50.00 (needed if you want t.v. reception too);
Radio Shack noise filter $20.00;
Miscellaneious wire nuts solder, etc. $10.00;
I also got a mobile dvd player for 12 volt use at Fry's Electronics for $149.00.

Thus, I have t.v., vcp, and dvd options.

There are also complete packages available on ebay for around $500.00 with vcp, and around $550 with dvd, including wireless headphones.;

DVD is much easier than VCP in terms of storage of tapes vs. storage of disks imo.

Did my own install. Very do-able for someone with moderate skills. Instructions for ives system at were very helpful.

$1,100 for no name system with vcp seems pretty steep.

'01 TW EX-N; Xenon "hid look" headlights; Honda Dash kit, Jensen Flip Down TV; Sony Mobile VCP; Questar Mobile DVD player; Cargo Tray; Leather wrap wheel; Pioneer 1665's; Infinity 452's, Glove Box light mod, door edge moldings, mud guards, wheel well moldings, '02 drink holders, Dashtopper, Zaino'd

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