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After much thougt, picking up our new Ody on Wed.

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We are picking up our new 2002 SS EX on Wednesday. My husband is quite excited. I am nervous about the financial commitment. In light of the horrific events on Tuesday, I question the economic future of our country. I also wonder if dealers will be selling at below MSRP very soon in light of these events and increased production from the new factory. As it is, the dealership that we bought from has about 4 Odys on the lot for sale at MSRP. Any thoughts on this? I guess that I am just nervous about such a large purchase. And then, I think of the victims and their families, and I realize this purchase just doesn't matter that much. Thanks for all of the great info on this board. We have been watching this board for months, and all of your info and perspectives has helped us to decide to wait for the 2002. Thanks much.
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You'll quickly forget how much you worried before the purchase. The Ody is just that great. This is the most expensive vehicle I personally have ever considered buying. I'm a fan of affordable and fun transportation. Cars are just getting expensive, period. The Ody is a bargain at MSRP. After the first week of ownership, you'll feel the same way.

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The fact that you are questioning the economic condition of the country is the exact reason for you to buy your Ody now. I feel that people can show support for the USA economy by contributing to its activity and growth. Similiarly, I encourage Americans to not think about selling their investments/stocks on Monday when the markets open. This would be counter-productive and even hurt the USA economy more.
Please DON'T question the "economic future of our country". It WILL remain intact, 100% of it.

What happened was horrific and contemptible but, in the end, was an attack by a handful of cowardly, misguided, and mentally disturbed individuals. This is not a world war. In fact, virtually the entire world is on our side (more than ever before, perhaps).

People are asking "what can I do?". We all feel helpless; it's more than understandable. Well, if you REALLY want to help, do NOT change whatever plans you had before the attrocities. Do NOT sell your investments when the markets re-open. Do NOT, to the extent possible, alter your spending habits or otherwise retreat into a shell. The foregoing is EXACTLY what these deranged individuals want to happen. They want us to change our way of life. Let's show them that, no matter what, that just ain't gonna happen.

God Bless!
United States and the rest of Free world will become stronger b/c of the tragic events this week. Our economy was heading for a recession before these events anyways. I feel that the terrorist attacks will actually become an economic stimules. There will a lot of spending to rebuild the areas affected and to fight terrorism.

God Bless America!
Once again, you all have wonderful input. You are right about not letting this tragedy affect our plans. We took "our" Odyssey out for a spin at the dealership tonight. It is an awesome vehicle. As my 3 year old said after the ride, "She is sweeeeeeeet!".(That might have had something to do with my cranking up the radio for him) The drum roll leading up to this purchase even has him excited. I must admit, I AM looking forward to Wednesday. Thanks again.

God Bless America! (He is always with us)
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