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aftermarket heated seats?

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Is it possible to "add" heated seats to an Ody that didn't come with them? Does anyone know what the approximate cost would be?

We are planning on buying a 2002 EXL, and have considered a used 2001 EX, but my wife really wants heated seats!

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We had heated seats added with leather interior, both by Classic Soft Trim. I believe the cost for the heated seats was $300. I also remember seeing products for DIYers at the same site that had the lumbar support that some people here have installed. Unfortunately, I don't remember who it was, but it is probably in the Tech section.

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I was planning to ask some questions about heated seats. We bought a 2002 EX last weekend. We understood that there were no heated seats included.

After we got the car home and started looking about I noticed zippers on the back of the fabric covered driver and passenger seats.

We opened up the back and found heated seat equipment; wiring and a control box.

I would like to know if someone has tracked this system down and what I need to purchase and make the seat heating system operable.

It is starting to get a little cool here in Fairbanks Alaska so I would appreciate a prompt reply.

Ron Moore
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