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Stuck with a EX-L Navi but wanted to get some of the TE features ported over and having a hard time getting information on what parts to get and if it is even possible to do so. Most of the what if's and concerns are cost, if the pre-wiring exists, if the MDI supports it, and generally if the stuff will even work if you put the parts in.

So in parallel to seeing if a Honda solution is possible, I am trying to see if the same functionality can be achieved nicely with aftermarket addons.

Some things that I am looking to accomplish and would like some help on if anyone knows would be:

1 - HID replacement of the stock halogens. Instead of a PnP kit, would like true HID. What would be the exact parts needed and recommended brands, places to get them?

2 - Parking Sensors. The backup sensors themselves seem easy enough to put in, but I'd like front and back. Any real winners in this space? Looking around, I heard a recommendation for - Laser Interceptor - The Ultimate Laser Jammer - Official Website - Exclusive Factory Authorized Distributor to The USA and Canada - Home - anyone heard of these and do they work well? Radar jamming is a bit hard core.. an accurate system with cool indicators would suffice. :)

3 - Blindspot sensors. Any aftermarket solutions that are nice? I'll always look over my shoulder but just seems like a cool feature to have.

4 - Fog Light replacements. It's easy enough to get from Honda but if anyone knows of nice after market replacements that would be sweet. I don't think there is much fog in SoCal so if I can get the nice HID look that would be nice.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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