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Aftermarket Suspension Parts

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I just got off the phone with a friend that develops suspension components. He wants to know what we're interested in. I'm almost positive he'll do sway bars. Struts and shocks take a good bit more R&D.

Is there enough interest in sway bars to justify the R&D? We'd need about 50 sets @ $250 or so. These numbers aren't concrete just yet.

I'll keep you posted on anything else I hear.

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Hi Everyone,
I'm quite late to this topic, is there still any interest? If we can get both front and rear anti-roll bars for $250, count me in. Also, would these bars be stock replacements, or are they additional? A few more off-topic questions:
1) Does anyone have a "strut" tower brace on their Ody yet? I'm thinking of having one custom made, but would prefer a prefab unit. I know that this is not as necessary on an Ody (compared to say a VW Golf...), but I like the additional rigidity.
2) Has anyone tinkered with different tires using stock or near-stock sizing? I know that +1 and +2 are great, but with the soft stock suspension, sometime you get better real world results with better tire design and tread compounds in stock sizing than +1 or +2. This is because the excess body lean/roll might cause the lower aspect tire to actually lift during very hard cornering. I'm asking all these questions because performance over looks are my priorities.
Thank you, Kyle.

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