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Air Deflector Install Tip

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I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this, but just in case it can make anybody else's life easier ...

Installation instruction #8 has you installing the side supports 14mm from the front edge of the hood. I'm not sure how this works out - perhaps somebody can provide their experience - but I didn't trust that the holes would line up. So, I screwed the side supports onto the air deflector (without removing the tape over the adhesive). Then I (partially) installed the air deflector by screwing it into the front hood brackets. This allows you to see exactly where the side supports need to be attached. Then, I used a felt tip pen to outline the position of the side supports on the hood. Next, I removed the air deflector from the front brackets, removed the side supports from the air deflector, removed the tape from the side support adhesive, and installed the side supports exactly along the markings from the felt tip pen. Then, I reinstalled the air deflector. The holes lined up perfectly. I used the alcohol swabs they provided to clean up the felt tip pen markings.

I know this involves installing the air deflector twice (kind of), but it resulted in perfect alignment for me. I see someone else's Ody regularly in the parking lot at my place of business and the air deflector installation on it is quite poor.

Hope I've described this acurately enough. IF not, please post. I can try to elaborate.