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Hello All. My first post.

I was in BestBuy today and the 19 year old in car audio told me that my factory alarm could be disabled to install a Clifford Matriz RS2.
RS2 features over Ody's: remote start, chirp when touched, alarm when bumped.

Sure, this will cost $450 installed.

He said that the RS2 remotes would send the microchip code for our vehicle with the remote start signal.

Thoughts?? Warnings?

Also, would it make sense to have the RS2 installed "over" the Ody's alarm, so that either (or both) could be used? Actually, I'm just afraid that the installers might screw something up by disabling it.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, Welcome to the club!

First, let me say this: if you want an alarm installed, find an experienced, independent shop. I personally don't trust Best Buy, CC or the likes for car audio installation.

There's lots of threads on alarm installation. First consider that the real security or anti-theft system in your vehicle is the immobilizer. This is hard for theives to bypass.

When people talk about alarms, really they are deterents, noise makers, and that's all. The OEM system on your EX (I presume) integrates door functions well with its OEM remote and honks the horn if you have an "intrusion". Install an aftermarket alarm, you typically replace your OEM remote for the aftermarket's. Whether it is installed "over" the system is really up to the installer. I know one on this board (forgot who) was able to get an aftermarket alarm system working with the OEM remote by using the OEM remote receiver unit tied into an aftermarket system. The nuts and bolts of doing this can be as easy or hard as you like.

My personal take is that aftermarket alarms are good if you want more FEATURES, not more security. So, remote start, microwave radar sensors, glass breakage sensors, vibration/shock sensor, tilt switches, auxilary horns/sirens, electronically actuated this and that are all options when going aftermarket. These features should drive whether you go aftermarket, because the added security of an aftermarket is arguable, relative to the worthiness of immobilizer. In the case of one of my cars, I have the microwave radar sensor to warn passers of my alarm system since I have alot of audio gear in that vehicle.

I like Clifford, but one on this board, an installer by trade think them overpriced and not reliable. Audiovox has been metioned as very good price/quality, but again, its up to you.

Good Luck,

-SJ (former username: shinjohn)
'01 DEP EX, and I'm workin' on it! (slowly)
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