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When I press lock button the second time on the alarm remote, it normally beep but for some reason it stop beeping today. Does anyone know how to make it beep again?
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depends on what alarm? factory? most setups have a special series of buttons you push to activate and deactivate things...maybe you hit them by accident? I've done it
check the manual or call the dealer on it...should be an easy fix, at worst a blown fuse.

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That beep tells you all doors are closed, locked, and the security system is set. You probably have a door slightly ajar.
Thank you guys. I have the factory alarm, which installed by the dealer. All the doors are completely locked.
can a remote start be added to the fac. alarm without using different key fobs?
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by PINODY:
can a remote start be added to the fac. alarm without using different key fobs?</font>
Yes, but realize that the distance you can be from the van is very short with the factory fobs. Remote start fobs usually can be used much farther. Test using the factory fobs to lock and unlock the doors, in the places where you would use a remote starter before deciding.
Short distance on the factory fobs???????
My 02 has a range of 200 feet or so. How short is short? On my Lincoln, short is 30 feet. I'm happy with the Honda Remote.

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